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About me

I am a computer scientist at King's College, University of Cambridge, currently doing a PhD in Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence. My undergraduate dissertation outlined the design and implementation of a statically typed quantum programming language called Quantum ML, which won an Industrial Sponsorship award.

My academic interests are (among other areas) in information theory, artificial intelligence, logic, programming language design, pure mathematics, theorem proving, genetics and (VLSI) hardware design.


The best way of contacting me is via email: If you really need to get hold of my urgently, use the telephone or contact me on creamtea.


Physical mail is best sent to my current postal address:

Current Location

I was most recently seen in: Kyōto, Japan


I have been teaching various undergraduate courses at Cambridge University, including: Probability Theory, Quantum Computation, Types, Artificial Intelligence, Computation Theory, Prolog, Java, ML, Foundations of Computer Science and Functional Programming.

I also supervised a few undergraduate B.A. dissertations.

Lectures and seminars

In 2006 I gave two talks for the Inference Group, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University; one on Uncertainty Logic, and another on Graphical Combinator Programming.

In 2005 I gave a lecture series on Computer Typesetting for Linguists at Lund's Centre for Languages and Literature.

I have also gave technical introductions to Virtual Reality with my newly developed VR 3D Engine cubewalk, which runs at RE-Flex, the Virtual Reality Laboratory at the IKDC, Lund (and soon New Zealand).

In 2004, I gave a seminar on Formal and Natural Languages at the Department of Linguistics, University of Lund in Sweden.

I also gave a talk on Quantum Programming at the Department of Computer Science of Lund University.

Fun stuff

There is conclusive evidence that I do not exist.
Furthermore, here is what my initials really stand for...

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