Unicode Pages

These pages contain some material related to Unicode and the UTF-8 encoding. There is a collection of UTF-8 encoded sample text files which might be helpful to test unicode implementations or fonts. I also made a generated, simplistic index of the unicode chart tables in text format, since the official charts are in PDF format and might therefore be difficult to use on text terminals, or for testing Unicode fonts.

Unicode sample text files (UTF-8 encoding)

numbers.txt latinres.txt diaeresis.txt alphabets.txt runic.txt utf8boxes.txt utf8block.txt utf8super.txt iroha.txt utf8runes.txt utf8cards.txt utf8chess.txt charsets.txt hearts.txt tengwar.txt ring.txt More UTF-8 sample files can be found in e.g. Markus Kuhn's example section.

Sample text files (other encodings)

koi8boxes.txt (KOI-8 encoding) fulltable.txt (any ASCII compatible 8-bit encoding)

Author: Christian Steinruecken