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Dear reader,
you are looking at pages that are not there. Well of course they are, but until a few month ago I was in denial about having my own homepage on the net. Therefore, in order not to have to change my mind, we will just pretend they are not, so have fun reading them!

If you find any dead links here, please let me know, thanks.

One last thing:
This page is availabe in english as well as in german, because a lot of the links presented here are in english, but of course there are a lot of german ones!

Personal History:

In earlier days of my life, I spent six years at the Progymnasium Herbrechtingen and another three at the Max Planck Gymnasium in Heidenheim (Brenz), both in Germany. In between I was in Houghton, Michigan USA, for a year, graduateing from Highschool there; which was located in the old building at the time. After all of that, and 15 month with the army, I came to Ulm an der Donau, to study physics there.

Currently I am working at the Department of Optoelectronics of the University of Ulm. It is my job there, to look at high-speed semiconductor lasers and teach undergaduate students some basics about electromagnetic fields and waves.

It is a (bad?) habit of mine, to quote all kinds of TV-shows, books, comics, and other stuff. Now there is a list of these quotes. Before reading please note, that quotes and explanations vary strongly in language!

Find your way:

This project started out with a single file in german, summarizing all the links that had accumulated in my bookmarks. After a few weeks the file was so big and confusing, I did not find my way around it. So I started to make single files and link them, and got lost again. So everything gets restructured once in a while. Just take a look at the sitemap to get an idea of the contents provided.

Exemption from liability:

Neither myself nor the operator of this server assume any responsibilty or liabilty for the content of linked pages! If you object to any of the linked or presented contents, please send an e-mail to let me know.

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