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Phone was written in October 1996 to make some sort of radiotelephony over the network. In these days there where only a few Windows programs allowing to record what you were talking. The software saved it to disk and after talking the voice data was transferred to the other host.

As you can image this is not very powerful and you have to wait all the time for the transfer. Therefore I wrote a small application allowing to transmit the voice data instantly via UDP to the other hosts and playing it immediatly after reception on the remote host. After pressing the return key the receive and transmit roles get exchanged.

In 1996 full duplex sound cards were rare and pretty expensive and therefore the operating is more similar to normal radiotelephony then to a phone call.

The programm shows how to

  • Open a UDP socket in the Unix environment and how to transmit data packets.
  • How to talk to the soundcard and how to play and record sound.

In the meantime there is better software available. Phone is not as good as for example Speekfreely...

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kderadio is a programm that enables access to a video4linux compatible radio card. It is a real KDE programm that tries to use the KDE features to be as useful as possible. Unfortunatly a lot of programms try to be compatible to a real radio and really emulate even the disadvantages of a real radio, for example the limited amount of station memory slots.

kderadio tries to avoid these disadvantages and uses only standard control widgets which enables easy operation. As there are nice icons (partly drawn by myself) in the package the program looks pretty good.

Since end of July 2001 there is even a KDE-2.1 version available. Please take a look at the download area of my site.


yabri (Yet another bridge) was created during my time at the university while living in the dormitory as a co product of Rainer Bawidamann and myself. This software is a normal Layer II networking bridge for DOS and runs on computers with a 286'er CPU or higher.

If you want to use this software, you'll only need normal packat drivers for your networking cards, a DOS (for example the free Novell DOS) and yabri of course. You can even assign an IP address to yabri to check whether your bridge is living by pinging it. There is a small tftp `server' implemented providing some status information. Yabri keeps track of the MAC addresses and is able to handle 254 entries in the MAC lookup table. Yabri comes with a lot of documentation and README file and is easy to install.

login notifier

logn notifies you of logins of other users on the machine you are logged in. If logn is started during your login phase and is put into the background you get a one line notification of a login of other users directly on your console. You can create a configuration file notifying you about login of really important users. An ASCII BEL is created if one of the configured important users logs on. As a very special feature an ASCII NUL is written every 8 minutes to STDOUT to disable connection timeouts if you have a very restrictive firewall or NAT inbetween you and the remote host you are logged in. The software comes with man page and Makefile.

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